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Peppers Cable Glands


The article presents the products of the Peppers Cable Glands company, which specializes in the production of cable glands for hazardous areas. Peppers provides not only high quality products, but also a high level of technical support and service. An innovative solution is presented – the Eclipse series of explosion-proof cable glands. 

Peppers LLC, St. Petersburg


The World Leader in the Production of Cable Glands

Peppers Cable Glands Limited (the UK) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality Hazardous Area Connectivity Solutions for use within industries such as Oil, Gas, Marine, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Food. 

Peppers products are used in hazardous locations defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the Russia and Eurasian Economic Union (EAC), the National Electric Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) codes. 

With over 70-years’ experience, we have the reputation of delivering quality products with short lead times – always with the highest level of customer support. 

By now, the localization of production has been carried out in Russia, in St. Petersburg. The company produces explosion-proof cable glands with world-class quality and a service life of at least 30 years, created using unique patented technologies, such as CROCLOCK® - non reversible multi clamping system, which allows to clamp all types of armor without errors during installation, and also save you time, labour and money.

The Peppers product range includes a vast array of Elastomeric Seal and Barrier Cable Glands for use with armoured, unarmoured and conduit systems. Gland accessories specifically made for use with Peppers glands include locknuts, sealing washers, serrated washers, earth tags and shrouds.

We also offer a full range of accessories including conversion adapters, reducers, stopping plugs, breather drains, right angle adapters and much more, all available in multiple thread options such as Metric, NPT, PG, BSP, Rc and other. 

Our cable glands for flexible metallic conduit connection are among the best on the market. The elongated sleeve of the gland’s fastening system completely eliminates accidental jumping off or pulling out of the metallic conduit, and the built-in IP O-ring together with a 100 % silicone seal ensures a long service life (more than 30 years) and high reliability. Do not forget that it is often the cable gland that can be the weak point of the device, therefore, the choice of a product whose quality has been tested over the years makes it possible to exclude problems during further operation.

We take pride in providing our customers with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a total cable gland solution. From the design engineers who specify our products, to the fitter who installs them, to the organisations that ultimately utilise them all over the world – Peppers products can be relied upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. 

This calls for an expert approach from initial contact and quotation to ordering and final delivery. We call this "End-To-End Performance" – the unique combination of unrivalled product quality, technical support and service delivery which truly sets Peppers apart. 

Sometimes it seems incredible that a little thing could stop the implementation of an entire project. And yet this happens quite often: due to ignorance of the accessories required for ordering a cable gland, work on the project stops. This leads to excessive costs, which can be completely avoided by foreseeing everything in advance. Peppers make sure that their customers not only know what accessories they need, but, most importantly, order them, avoiding unnecessary delays. Whether you need plugs, adapters or anything else, you will receive this with your basic order – Peppers will make sure you have everything you need.

Peppers is famously fast when it comes to lead times and turnaround. This is due to the structure of the business and smart systems. Our clever "component manufacturing" processes allow us to remain agile and react fast to customer demands. 

We are proud of our reputation for knowledge and expertise in the industry. When you're in the business of supplying products into hazardous areas, it's comforting for customers to know they're receiving accurate technical information they can rely on. Equally important is trust and integrity. We don't bend the truth to secure orders. We don't promise what we cannot deliver.

The Eclipse Range of Explosion-Proof Glands

Peppers presents a new and innovative solution: The Eclipse range of products’ encapsulated gel housing system is able to be fully inspected by engineers once cured. To confirm there is no risk of hazard to life or assets before commissioning and during maintenance, we have used the same compound release system as within the T1000 range this offers a degree of safety and confidence unrivalled throughout the hazardous area product industry. 

Peppers has always been committed to creating futureproof products and whether it’s our Eclipse range of fully inspectable barrier glands or our Nylon Plugs, our focus is always on ensuring our customers are getting the most sustainable product on the market. But perhaps our most innovative and durable engineering and design accomplishment is actually not that new to us – in fact, the option to have our cable glands made from Eco-Brass has been available for over ten years.  As the world changes and increasing demands are put upon suppliers to create a more sustainable supply chain solution, we wanted to remind our customers that Peppers is ready to discuss your Eco-Brass requirements now.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement at present, we believe the industry is heading in that direction, and so by converting to Eco-Brass now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

This is the future of production – and we embrace it.

Peppers maintains a quality management system approved to ISO 9001:2015, BS EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2020. Application of quality systems for equipment manufacture and an Environmental System approved to ISO 14001:2015 as well as operating within Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHS) to ISO 45001. Our worldwide certifications include ATEX, IECEx, CSA & U/L and others.

Peppers Cable Glands Limited – End-To-End Performance.


The article was published in the journal ISUP № 6(96)_2021

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