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Advertising (2016)

Type of adDimensions (mm) Price (rub.) 

1st cover page210 х 24542000
4th cover page210 х 29035000
2nd и 3rd cover pages210 х 29033000
Centerfold after the table of contents420 х 29041000
Any colored page210 х 29027000
Colored halfpage210 х 14516000

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Hyperlinks in articles and news

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Direct mail (2016)

Price of a banner or text information in the direct mail of the "ISUP" magazine website with a direct link to the advertiser's site and a report within three days after sending:

Number of mails PeriodPrice (rub.) 
4During a month9500
8During a month17000
20During a year43000

Price of a double block in a normal direct mail (picture and 4 links) (view) with a report within three days after sending:

Number of mails PeriodPrice (rub.)

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Number of subscribers* (as on August 10, 2015): 10213;
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Mails per month: not less than 9;
Growth dynamics of the number of subscribers**: at least 6 — 14 per day;
Audience stability index: 97 %.

* Of the direct mail of www.isup.ru.
** Business days.

Website advertising (2016)

Period (days)Cost (rub.) 

Size 468 х 60
Center pos. 1
Center pos. 2*
Center pos. 3

Size 100 х 400
On the right pos. 4309500

Size 100 х 200
On the right pos. 5308000

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* Not pass-through

Website of the "ISUP" magazine is one of the most popular Russian Internet resources dedicated to industrial automation and automatic process control systems. www.isup.ru has more than 2100 visitors; monthly audience is more than 47 000 visitors. Website advertising is an appeal to the target audience and maximum effectiveness of the advertisement. Advertising at www.isup.ru is one of the most affordable and effective in the industry. Visiting statistics of [www.isup.ru] is based on a technical report of the 1C-Bitrix system. We can also provide an on-demand access to the Google statistics.