Журнал «ИСУП». (Информатизация и системы управления в промышленности)
ИТ, КИПиА, метрология, АСУ ТП, энергетика, АСКУЭ, промышленный интернет, контроллеры, экология, электротехника, автоматизации в промышленности, испытательные системы, промышленная безопасность

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No. 1 (61) (February  March, 2016) Materials accepted until February 15

Subject 1. Industry-purpose instrumentation
The issue will collect information on instrumentation, control and regulation means from domestic and foreign vendors.
Subject 2. Automation systems in housing services and utilities
Automation of housing services and utilities: hardware and software means, components.
Subject 3. Technologies and equipment for energy conservation systems 
The problem of efficient use of energy resources will be discussed. 

No. 2 (62) (April, 2016) Materials accepted until April 1
Subject 1.  Modern emergency shutdown systems (ESS), surge protection devices, relay protection and automation
Relay protection and automation, surge protection, various emergency shutdown systems in the industry. 
Subject 2. Intelligent power industry
The modern concept of a smart energy system will be considered: Smart Grid, etc.
Subject 3. Electrical engineering and automation
Cabinets, automation, terminals, industrial connectors and other components. 

No. 3 (63) (June, 2016) Materials accepted until May 20                   
Subject 1. Modern data transfer equipment and technology   
The issue will review the equipment used to create industrial networks of varying complexity.
Subject 2. Programmable controllers
Devices, which all automation system are built on and which quality determines the final result. How to choose the right one? What's new in the industry? These questions will be explained in this issue.
Subject 3. Automated power monitoring and control system instrumentation
Technical measuring instruments for automated power supply monitoring and control systems: electricity meters, heat meters, flow meters, etc.

No. 4 (64) (August  September, 2016) Materials accepted until August 15
Subject 1. Switchboards and automation
Cabinets, electric boards, automation: operational capabilities and performance features. Component basis for switchboards. 
Subject 2. System remote control and monitoring technology
Tasks of system remote control and monitoring. Overview of modern telemetry equipment.
Subject 3. Uninterruptible power and control current systems, automatic circuit breakers
Control current cabinets, automatic circuit breakers, UPSs, etc. 

No. 5 (65) (October, 2016) Materials accepted until September 15
Subject 1. Testing equipment
Measurement of level and flow, pressure and mass, humidity and temperature, as well as many other parameters... this will be the second subject of October.
Subject 2. Commercial/technical power metering and control systems
Commercial/technical power metering systems in different industry areas and utility facilities. 
Subject 3. Electronic components
Components of automation systems: electronic components, terminals, industrial connectors, etc.

No. 6 (66) (December, 2016) Materials accepted until October 30
Subject 1. ACSs for power industry facilities
Common issues of automation of energy companies: domestic and foreign experience.   
Subject 2. Switchboards and automation
Cabinets, electric boards, automation: operational capabilities and performance features. Component basis for switchboards.
Subject 3. Lighting systems and engineering
Lighting control systems, equipment and software from multiple vendors and integrators.